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  • The Charles Dana Bridge


One of the two Route 119 bridges that connect Brattleboro with Hinsdale is called the Charles Dana Bridge. Charles Anderson Dana was born in Hinsdale in 1819, but didn’t live there very long. He would grow up to have a way with words that led him into a long career in journalism. He lived at Brook Farm, the Transcendentalists’ utopian experiment in communal living in West Roxbury, Massachusetts in the 1840s where Dana worked on its publication The Harbinger. He was managing editor of the powerful New York Tribune where he championed abolition and was Karl Marx’ editor, in the US. He would play a key role as Assistant Secretary of War in the Civil War that helped elevate Ulysses S. Grant to the status of supreme military commander and helped win the war for the North.

Tour Stop Location: Charles Dana Bridge (2nd expanse of bridges to Hinsdale, NH)

Bridge Street, Brattleboro, New Hampshire 05301, United States

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