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  • Brattleboro Town Common - Civil War Monument

  • Brattleboro Town Common - KKK in Brattleboro


A monument commemorating the men of Brattleboro who fought in the Civil War was erected in 1887 on the Town Common. The monument shows that 385 area men enlisted in the war and 31 died in service. Research done by students of Brattleboro Area Middle School have shown that those numbers do not include enlisted African American soldiers. Their research uncovered the stories of 5 local African American men that enlisted, though they were sent to Massachusetts to serve in Colored Regiments. Others were not listed. Honoring African Americans on the list would increase the numbers to 450 area men enlisted, 41 died in service. It is hoped that the monument will be updated to include these findings.

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Park Place, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

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These podcasts were produced by Joe Rivers and his students at Brattleboro Area Middle School with help from volunteers at the Brattleboro Historical Society (BHS).

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