Robert Flaherty - "Father" of documentary film

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  • The early life of filmmaker Robert Flaherty and the making of Nanook of the North

  • The later life of filmmaker Robert Flaherty and the making of Moana of the South Seas


Robert Flaherty is considered by many to be the father of the documentary film. His first work is the well-known title “Nanook of the North” shot in 1921 in the Hudson Bay region of Canada. Flaherty and his wife made their home in Dummerston, Vermont.

Tour Stop Location: Dummerston Historical Society

Dummerston Historical Society: 1509 Middle Road, Dummerston VT

Research & Production

Audio Production/Editing: Sally Seymour
Script: Daniel Toomey
Narration: David Hiler
Voice of Frances Hubbard Flaherty: Stephanie Greene

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Photos & Video

  • <p>1922 portrait of Robert J. Flaherty (wikipedia photo)</p>