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Marion McCune Rice was a World War I American Red Cross nurse for four years and wrote many letters home describing the war and took hundreds of photographs. A documentary film “An American Nurse at War” focuses on her wartime experience. The film was produced by her grandnephew Stephen L. Hooper, a Brattleboro native who currently lives in Keene, NH. In 1925 Rice was named director of the Simmons School of Public Health Nursing in Boston. She resided during the summers and retired in a small cottage on the opposite side of the reservoir at 90 Chestnut Hill until her death in 1955. Steve Hooper narrates the segment with his daughter Althaea reading the part of Marion McCune Rice.

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105 Chestnut Hill, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

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Audio Editor: Donna Blackney
Audio Producer: Steve Hooper
Research: Steve & Jackie Hooper
Readings: Althaea Carroll

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  • <p>Marion McCune Rice, portrait circa 1915. Photo courtesy Jackie and Steve Hooper - Rice Family Archives</p>
  • <p>Marion McCune Rice</p>