Gypsy Grounds (Gipsy Grounds)

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  • Rich Holschuh on native Abenaki 'Gypsy Grounds'



In Vermont, sociologists now recognize that the term “gipsy” was often applied to the indigenous Abenaki peoples, and their kin, some of whom adopted an itinerant peddler version of their annual subsistence cycles. In the nineteenth century, a local physician-cum-cartographer, Charles William Grau created a map of Brattleboro, noting an area off what is today Cedar Street as the “Gipsy Grounds." [sic]

Trail Stop Location: area currently occupied by Harris Hill Ski Jump

Harris Hill Ski Jump, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

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Audio Producer: Reg Martell
Research & Narration: Rich Holschuh

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