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  • Retreat Farm and Meadows, An Abenaki Perspective on DAR Rock


Inscribed on a state historic marker for Fort Dummer:

"Fort Dummer was established in 1724 by Lt Governor William Dummer of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The wooden fort was a northern outpost along the Connecticut River and one of the first permanent European settlements in what would become Vermont. Built to defend the colony against Abenaki and French attacks, it was a trading post from 1728 to 1750 while still manned by troops against skirmishes. Fort Dummer was garrisoned through the French & Indian War but abandoned in 1763 and dismantled by 1771. A granite monument was set to mark the original site of Fort Dummer in 1901 but was removed seven years later to the intersection of Vernon St and Cotton Mill Hill Rd before the 1909 completion of the Vernon Dam on the Connecticut River, which flooded he area".

Rich Holschuh takes a deeper look- beyond the words inscribed in historic markers like this one at Fort Dummer, and the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) memorial rock at the Retreat Farms- not just for the stories told, but for the stories untold.

Trail Stop Location: Fort Dummer Historical Marker: 2 Cotton Mill Hill Road, Brattleboro VT

2 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

Research & Production

Audio Production: Reg Martell
Research & Narration: Rich Holschuh - Student production
Music by: Moxie

Ongoing Development and Involvement:
As a community-created project, we encourage ongoing dialogue, questions, and engagement. If you would like to be involved in future developments, have information or a perspective that could deepen others' understanding of this topic, please contact us

Photos & Video

  • <p>Henry Photograph of Ft Dummer area In 1860s</p>
  • <p>Fort Dummer Cotton Mills. Vermont Phoenix Oct 1911</p>
  • <p>Fort Dummer Historical Marker</p>
  • <p>Fort Dummer State Park Trail head</p>
  • <p>Plan for Fort Dummer - an old map</p>
  • <p>This is from the Brooks Memorial Library -  an original Fort Dummer letter signed by local indigenous people.</p>