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  • Elizabeth Florette Fisher - Pioneering Geologist


Elizabeth Florette Fisher (November 26, 1873 – April 25, 1941) was one of the first field geologists in the United States. One of her first studies was of the West River before the Vernon Dam flooded the meadows, where she mapped the unique terraces the river carved. She was born in Boston and attended and later taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She was the first woman to be sent out by an oil company for a survey, helping to locate oil wells in North-Central Texas during a nationwide oil shortage. She was an instructor at Wellesley College, which still continues a scholarship program in her name but also wrote an influential textbook for junior high school students called Resources and Industries of the United States.

Tour Stop Location: West River Trailhead - parking area by The Marina

The Marina, 28 Spring Tree Rd, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

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