John Humphrey Noyes

  • <p>John Humphrey Noyes - portrait</p> <p>John Humphrey Noyes - portrait</p>

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  • John Humphrey Noyes - Narrated by Paul van Winkle


John Humphrey Noyes was an American religious leader inspired by the Revivalist Movement in the early 1800s. His ideas attracted a small group of followers who practiced communal living. Noyes published many treatises espousing Perfectionism, but his notions were considered radical by the populace. He was twice forced to flee his communities with threat of imprisonment. His Oneida Community in New York State thrived for thirty years. Descendants of the utopian experiment dissolved their radical tenets and formed a company to manufacture silver tableware. It became one of the most successful enterprises of that sector in the world.

John Humphrey Noyes - Historical Marker - Putney, VT: Corner of Frost and Kimball Hill Roads

Frost Road, Putney, Vermont 05346, United States

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  • <p>Noyes home- Putney, VT - photo courtesy Putney Historical Society</p> <p>Noyes home- Putney, VT - photo courtesy Putney Historical Society</p>