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  • <p>E.L. Hildreth Printing Company, Harmony Hall building, Downtown Brattleboro. Photo: Brattleboro Historical Society</p>

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  • Hildreth : with John R. Hooper


The E L Hildreth Printing Company was located at Harmony Place in Brattleboro. The company became world renowned as a printer of fine books. When Yale University Press was looking for a printer it concluded that the work ethic and quality of E L Hidreth surpassed all others, and for less money. Hildreth partnered with Yale and printed all of their publications for many years. The books won awards for grand design and print reproduction. The company was honored by organizations nationwide. It was sold in the 1950s and moved to Massachusetts.

Tour Stop Location: Harmony Hall Building, Downtown Brattleboro

Harmony Lot, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

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Narration and Commentary: John R. Hooper and Lissa Weinmann
Audio Editing: Sally Seymour

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