Harris Hill Ski Jump

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  • On the Hill, narrated by Chris Lamb

  • History of the Harris Hill Ski Jump, narrated by Peter Graves

  • Rich Holschuh on native Abenaki 'Gypsy Grounds'

Tour Stop Location: Harris Hill Ski Jump

Harris Hill Ski Jump, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, United States

Research & Production

Audio 1 (Chris Lamb):

  • Producer: Reg Martell
  • Narration: Chris Lamb

Audio 2 (Fred Harris):

  • Producer: Sally Seymour
  • Narration: Peter Graves

Audio 3 (Gypsy Grounds):

  • Producer: Reg Martell
  • Narration: Rich Holschuh

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  • <p>Harris Hill Ski Jumper (in the sky). Photo by Doug Learned</p>
  • <p>Harris Hill championship - Chris Lamb. Photo by Dana Sprague</p>
  • <p>Harris Hill jumper in the early days- flying high</p>
  • <p>Harris Hill Ski Jumper - Photo by Steven McLaughlin</p>
  • <p>Harris Hill Ski Jumper</p>


Follow the history of competition through ten decades on Brattleboro’s beloved Harris Hill Ski Jump. This famous landmark has welcomed top athletes and hosted national championships. Imagine what it’s like to slide down a 285-foot ramp and soar over an impossibly steep landing hill. Get inside the mind of Chris Lamb as he talks about the preparation and sensation of taking flight