Wantastiquet Mountain - The One Constant

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  • <p>Wantastiquet Mountain frames Downtown Brattleboro from across the River</p>

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  • Wantastiquet: The One Constant


This research site on the Brattleboro Words Trail documents the history and enduring presence of the Sokoki Abenaki and their homeland, Wantastegok.

Foremost among Brattlebroro’s many striking geographical features is Mount Wantastiquet. Rising some 1300 feet above sea level in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, the mountain looms over downtown Brattleboro from across the Kwenitekw/Connecticut River—a long, lush shoulder glittering green in spring and summer, burning red, orange, and gold through autumn, and blanketed white in winter. Over the centuries, the mountain’s natural and cultural significance has been—and continues to be—captured in the words of countless locals and visitors, from picnickers, miners, and rattlesnake victims to Henry David Thoreau.

Tour Stop Location: Wantastiquet Mountain

244 Mountain Road, West Chesterfield, New Hampshire 03466, United States

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Script/Narration/Production: Reggie Martell

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