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In 1981, Gordon & Mary Hayward bought an 1850s era house in the heart of Saxtons River, VT. Looking for something a little more out of town, in 1983 they bought and moved to a dilapidated cape in Westminster West. In the early years of ownership, the property became an experimental opportunity for Gordon. He left his teaching job and launched a career as one of the country's leading landscape designers. He's authored 11 books on the subject.

Over the years, the Haywards have transformed the house and property. The 220 year old farmhouse is now surrounded by a 1-1/2 acre garden, which is registered in the Archives of American Gardens at the Smithsonian Institution.

Tour Stop Location: Hayward Gardens, Westminster West

508 Mckinnon Road, Westminster West, Vermont 05346, United States
  • <p>Intimate Garden by Hayward</p> <p>Intimate Garden by Hayward</p>
  • <p>Hayward Gardens photo</p> <p>Hayward Gardens photo</p>
  • <p>Hayward Book covers</p> <p>Hayward Book covers</p>
  • <p>Greek Epic- The Latchis Family (by Gordon Hayward)</p> <p>Greek Epic- The Latchis Family (by Gordon Hayward)</p>
  • <p>Art and the Gardener by Hayward</p> <p>Art and the Gardener by Hayward</p>

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