Samuel Gale - first printing press in VT

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  • Samuel Gale - Vermont’s First Printing Press


Freedom of the press and free speech are sometimes suppressed and whether it is 'right' or not depends on whose side you're on. In 1773, writer and printer Samuel Gale moved to Brattleboro and married Rebecca Wells from a prominent Brattleboro Tory (English loyalist) family. It is thought that Gale brought the first printing press to Vermont during this time. He was deemed "a dangerous man" because of outspoken views in support of the British he published leading up to the American Revolution. In 1775, Gale served as the clerk of the court in Westminster, and sided with the NY Tory contingent in the Westminster Massacre that resulted in the deaths of two local farmers. He was arrested and his property, including the printing press, was confiscated and used by the young US government to spread its own messages. Gale wrote bitterly about his time in prison and finally fled to Canada to join other crown loyalists in Quebec.

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Westminster, Vermont, United States

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