Robert Flaherty - "Father" of documentary film

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  • Robert Flaherty (1) - Early Life and ‘Nanook of the North’

  • Robert Flaherty (2) - Later Life and Moana of the South Seas


Robert Flaherty is considered by many to be the father of the documentary film. His first work is the well-known title “Nanook of the North” shot in 1921 in the Hudson Bay region of Canada. Flaherty and his wife made their home in Dummerston, Vermont.

Tour Stop Location: Dummerston Historical Society

Dummerston Historical Society: 1509 Middle Road, Dummerston VT

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Audio Production/Editing: Sally Seymour
Script: Daniel Toomey
Narration: David Hiler
Voice of Frances Hubbard Flaherty: Stephanie Greene

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Photos & Video

  • <p>1922 portrait of Robert J. Flaherty (wikipedia photo)</p>