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Marshall Twitchell was a Civil War Veteran born in Townshend, VT. In the army, he served as commander of Company H, 109th Colored Infantry. In 1865 he became head of the Freedman's Bureau for Louisiana's Bienville Parish. He eventually became a leader of Louisiana's Reconstruction government as a State Senator. In 1876, Twitchell and his brother in law were attacked. Twitchell was shot 6 times (resulting in the amputation of both his arms) and his brother in law was murdered. He subsequently moved to Canada where, in 1878, he was named US Consul. He remained in Canada until his death.

Tour Stop Location: Oakwood Cemetery

41 Oakwood Cemetery Road, Townshend, Vermont 05353, United States

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  • <p>Marshall Twitchell</p> <p>Marshall Twitchell</p>
  • <p>Marshall Twitchell - as US Consul Kingston Ontario (here he has artificial arms)</p> <p>Marshall Twitchell - as US Consul Kingston Ontario (here he has artificial arms)</p>