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Pictured Above: John Irving - Oscar winner. Courtesy photo.

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  • John Irving—Writer, Wrestler, Academy Award Winner


Literary giant John Irving was one of the many writers who called this area home. He moved here with his first wife in the late 1960’s while teaching at Windham College in Putney, and he published his first book and maintained a home here until the early 1980’s. Many years later, he returned to the area to Scott Farm Orchard, located in Dummerston, VT, one of the settings for the film Cider House Rules, which is based on his book. Hear writer John Irving discuss his life in Vermont and the making of his academy-award winning film at Scott Farm.

In the video below (Links for More), watch a great clip from the Academy Awards in 2000 where John accepts the award for best adapted screenplay for Cider House Rules. He also thanks his best friend, David Calicchio, with whom he taught at Windham College. David remained in Wesminster West until his death in 2017.

Tour Stop Location: Scott Farm, Dummerston, VT - Location of Cider House Rules filming - John Irving

Scott Farm, Dummerston, Vermont 05301, United States

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