William Apess - wrote first Native American autobiography

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William Apess (1798–1839), writer, minister and human rights advocate, born in Colrain, Massachusetts, is memorialized with an historic marker at the site of the town’s Griswold Memorial Library just south of Brattleboro. In 1829, Apess wrote the first autobiography by a Native American in the U.S. He was ordained a Protestant Methodist Preacher the same year the autobiography was published. William Apess’ helped organize the 1833-34 Mashpee uprising in Cape Cod.

Tour Stop Location: William Apess Historical Marker at Griswold Library

12 Main Road, Colrain, Massachusetts 01340, United States

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Research and Narration: Drew Lopenzina, PhD, Author of "Through an Indian's Looking Glass: A Cultural Biography of William Apess, Pequot"

Voice of William Apess: Anonymous.

Audio Production: Lissa Weinmann

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